About La Fabrica

In the heart of the village, close to the Plaza, there’s an old textile factory, built in the thirties and now completely redesigned into loft living spaces. The loft on top has beautiful natural light and a great overlook of the valley, the mountains and as far as the lighthouse in the harbour. The entrance is used as an office/gallery and a private elevator (as well as a staircase) takes you up to the loft on the third floor. A huge space here awaits you with not only mentioned breathtaking views, but also a big fireplace, an open kitchen, gardenroom facing the morning sun and one garden room facing west. Two big bedrooms with bathroom en suite and one extra bedroom with two single beds. The loft is furnished with great care, antiques mixed with design classics as well as well functioning IKEA stuff . It’s a living space were the owners have put a great effort to make a dream family home with surprises. Ideal for 6 people that enjoy lots of space.

La Fabrica, Ca’ de les Animes “The House of the Spirits” is a perfect place for those seeking tranquillity and at the same time the busy life of a Majorcan village.  It’s also an ideal base for mountain walking and cycling.


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