Just around the corner

  • Best butcher in Sóller, Father and Son, Tony and Juan, C/ La Luna
  • A well provided corner shop, Catalina’s,  with fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Javier’s Delicacy Shop.
  • Calle la Luna shopping street that leeds to the Plaza
  • The Plaza with cafés, bars and restaurants.
  • Food market with fresh fish.
  • Saturday market with flowers and vegetables etc. as well as an outdoor market.


  • Puerto Soller with its beaches, restaurants, bars and lively marina.
  • Cala Deia with crystal clear water and its fish restaurant “hanging” on a cliff.
  • Fornalutx, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain.


  • Son Termens is the closest golf course. Drive towards S´Esglaieta (through the Soller tunnel).
  • Mountain hiking / plse book or get equipped at the Traumuntana store, right around the corner on Calle La Luna.


  • Rent a car / we recommend  “Llaser- rent a car” in Puerto Soller (llaserrentacar@yahoo.es).
  • Taxi / pick up at the airport and other needs plse call/sms Pierre on 609.476561. He speaks spanish, english and french.


5 minutes drive to Fornalutx. Or 45 min lovely mountain walking.

5 minutes drive to Puerto Soller. Or 10 min with the old tram, goes every 30 min.

20 minutes drive to Deia/Cala Deia.

20 minutes drive to Son Termens golf course.

30 minutes drive to Palma. Or the pitoresque trian to Palma takes an hour.

40 minutes drive to Palma airport.


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